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Richard Ou

BSc, MSE, AKC. Master's candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, and Physics graduate at King's College London. He formerly served as President in 2020/21, and as Head of Marketing in 2019/20.
Addressing Covid-19
Published: 29 March, 2020

Dear all,
        As the issue of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate around the world, I would like to first and foremost wish that you, your family, and your friends remain safe and well during these precarious times.
In considering the safety of our members we have already decided to cancel all our planned face-to-face events, including our annual international trips, and our annual boat party. We apologise for any disappointment that this may have caused. Nonetheless, I would personally like to recognise the time and energy that the Marketing and International Relations departments have invested into organising these events, however, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of all our members during this time.
Nevertheless, our primary focus is to support you through this difficult time as best we can. In this spirit, the committee has worked quickly to adapt to the developing situation by shifting our events online. I am proud to say that we hosted our first webinar last week with a panel of 4 industry-leading female healthcare and finance professionals from China and the United States. I hope that we will continue to deliver these events online.
Monitoring the development of the situation, I will be working with the executive board to adapt our aims and strategies for the coming academic year to ensure that we will be able to continue supporting our members as best we can.

Richard Y. Ou

Paul L. Benter
President, 2019/20

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