Through the articles and op-eds as part of the KBR initiative, readers will be able to access content that emphasises the importance of these two fields and their presence in the everyday world. King’s Business Review is where business meets the rest of the world.

KBR is looking for Category Editor for the Arts & Culture section.

As a Category Editor, you will have the opportunity to work as an integral part of the King’s Business Review. 

What we can offer you

  1. Be a part of an all rounded publication, KBC’s history and make a mark on the business and finance culture at King’s. 
  2. Publish work on an established platform run by a prestigious society; be a part of KBC’s legacy. 
  3. We ensure that our committee is not simply about work, but also about building a family.
  4. Opportunity to add to your CV and to hone your writing and editing skills. 
  5. Opportunity for student contributors to tap into their interests in other fields outside of their respective degrees. 
  6. Access to 12 years of esteemed alumni from a variety of sectors. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Edit and manage articles for their category page
  • Bring in contributors for their category page
  • Post articles on the website regularly and contribute to KBR’s content themselves
  • Brainstorm article ideas and assign articles to contributors
  • Work closely with the other Editors and the Editor-in-chief
  • Participate in regular team meetings as required by the position

Essential Skills & Attributes:

  • Prior experience in writing or editing and leadership preferable however not prerequisite
  • Good operational as well as creative acumen
  • Keen eye for news
  • Independent and responsible
  • Strong work ethic with collaborative and receptive communication
  • Proactive engagement within the club beyond publishing and editing articles

Application Process

The application process will be comprised of two distinct stages of progression 

Stage 1: Completing our application form which is accessible at the end of this post.

Please read the form carefully, and submit your curriculum vitae, and answer the questions outlined in the application form.

If your stage 1 application is successful, we will send you a confirmation email. You should then prepare for Stage2.

Stage 2: An interview.  

The deadline for the application is the 20th of October 2021

You will be notified shortly after this date of the status of your application.  

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