As a top-tier strategy firm, we seek to change the way the world works. We form partnerships with our clients to solve their biggest challenges and shape their future together. The work our consultants do has a lasting impact on companies, industries and society and, as a result, we are always looking for creative, driven and collaborative personalities to join our consulting team.  If you think that sounds like you, a career at BCG may be a great fit.

As part of our mission to find the best talent, the 2021 Mentorship Programme is now open for applications from students going into their final year of study. Please note that this scheme is open to students of all disciplines and does not require any previous experience or interest in consulting.

We will match selected students with one of our consultants to offer 1-to-1 mentorship over the summer so you’re ready to make a strong application in September. You’ll have the chance to ask all your consulting questions and get advice on how to best prepare for interviews (incl. CV advice, case practice, and other tips & tricks). It is a great opportunity for you to get to know us, while getting useful advice and practice for the upcoming interview season!

Applications are open now until June 28th, and to apply you’ll need to submit your CV and your answer to the following question:

“What industry do you think will change the most (for the better or for the worse) in the next 10 years?”

Your answer can be in any format, but as some guidelines for length etc., we suggest one of the following:

  • A half-page word document
  • 2 or 3 PowerPoint slides
  • 1 minute video/audio “elevator pitch”

Don’t spend more than 2-3 hours researching – we will assess based on how you think, not what you know!

To apply, go to and submit your CV and your answer (attaching your answer to the question as a file in the ‘Other’ section). If you want to submit a video or audio file, send it directly to

Email with any questions and – don’t forget – the deadline is June 28th!

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