KBC striving to empower students

King’s Business Club (KBC) was delighted to co-host a case study workshop for KCL students for the Graduate Associate Programme in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on 20th October 2021.

The event was held at BCG’s London offices by four consultants who shared their experiences working at one of the largest consultancies in the world while guiding us KCL students through a case study and sharing valuable information on its solution process.

By hosting this event, we as a society aim “to inspire, to educate, and to connect” fellow student bodies from diverse academic backgrounds while increasing their employability. As London’s largest business and finance society, KBC views it as its duty to empower students from King’s College London and act as an intermediary between the university and corporate firms from various industries, including consulting, finance, or start-ups. 

We would also like to thank Humza Samad, a KBC Alumni and BCG Consultant, for co-hosting this particular event with us and for his great insights into BCG during the event.


Sho Kubota, Head of Consulting on his experience attending the workshop:

“It is not often I get to attend a case workshop organized by a firm such as BCG. Firstly, it was great to see so many KCL students from every background in one room. Seeing the uni represented this way is refreshing, and an impressive show for BCG.

Each of the consultant’s different viewpoints was a great insight into BCG on not just a firm level, but a personal one. Understanding that BCG consultants are allowed to work on pro-bono projects or work with NGOs such as WWF struck a chord with me as someone who is passionate about sustainability cases. To organize such an event for KBC in collaboration with BCG will ensure more events like this for the future for KCL students.

Charlotte Lee, Deputy Head of Consulting on her experience attending the workshop:

It was a one-and-only opportunity to meet the dream team at BCG.

During the workshop, I received firsthand case interview training from current consultants with many talented individuals. The valuable networking and Q&A session offered us insightful opinions about the consulting industry and provided a peek into life as a consultant.

With this experience, KBC amplified KCL students’ competitiveness and opportunities, opening a new gateway for us to strive as aspiring consultants.

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