Forming our committee are departments which exist to enhance our delivery of education and opportunity to our members.




Leadership of the committee is comprised of the President, Vice President and their heads of departments. They drive the society and determine its direction each academic year. This year, they are committed to reorganising the structure and administration of the committee, ensuring equality among the committee and the society as a whole, and exploring greater avenues of opportunities to offer. In doing so they hope to sustain the growth of the society while paving the fresh concrete foundations for future generations of the committee.

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We are a strategic team that is key to enabling the delivery of all events and activities, and are responsible for the promotion and reinforcement of the society. The Marketing Team aims to gain the attention of key potential audiences and partners, and strives to maintain relationships with them, while being committed to delivering the best possible experience for our members and our committee.

For the 2019 academic year, we have been instrumental in executing the rebranding initiative, and the continued growth of all our social media platforms. Furthermore, in line with this year's committee objectives, we strive to open up opportunities to faculties beyond the Business School as well as reinforcing equality goals among our members.


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Startups & Business

Startups & Business

The startups & business department aims to connect enthusiastic and curious students with industry leaders and top founders, in order to inspire, gather contacts and spread innovation. We develop and encourage the entrepreneurship mentality and knowledge at King's by organising Ideas' competitions, bringing renowned speakers and hosting networking panels.

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The Consulting division has three main aims: first, we are providing King’s students with exclusive networking and insight events with top-tier companies; second, we provide tailored consulting application advice from CV workshops to the KCLBC Case Club for selected participants; third, we take part in the organisation of London Case Competition.


International Relations

International Relations

The International Relations Department of the King's Business Club provides a platform to visit various local and international firms and gain exclusive insights. It ensures an invaluable networking opportunity and a chance to learn the dynamics of the working culture of the city. Moreover, students get first hand cultural exposure which is a vital component of business communication.
For the 2019 academic year, we are planning to organise and host trips to Berlin and Vienna. 

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The finance division aims to inform members about the financial industry and its opportunities as well as to help them develop important knowledge and skills, crucial to being successful within the industry.

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Former Committees

Since our founding in 2008 as the KCL Business Club (KCLBC), we have accumulated many generations of committees who committed much of their time and effort into maintaining and growing the society into its current form. We honour and recognise their contributions as well as the achievements which they have attained during and after their time on the committee.




Documents for prospective applicants to our committee, and anyone interested in the structure and organisation of the society, our policies, guidelines and strategies.




Our constitution establishes the fundamental principles and precedents by which our society adheres to. It governs the function and structure of the King’s Business Club committee in order to ensure the continued delivery of our core values.

The KBC constitution as of 02/07/2019


Branding & Style Guidelines

These guidelines aim to ensure the integrity of the KBC brand and its presentation on all forms of visual media. The guidelines will be continually updated to reflect the needs of the society and remove any inconsistencies and deficiencies within the content itself. Further branding and visual resources are available on request.

The KBC Branding & Style Guideline as of 14/07/2019


Newsletter & Web Archive

In the past decade of our society’s history, we have continuously evolved and changed. In doing so we have amassed a large digital archive that dates back to the very founding of the society. For anyone interested in the history and evolution of this society, you may find these archives of particular interest.

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Application Process

Most applications for committee positions at the King’s Business Club will require a cover letter and CV as well as an additional interview process. Such an extensive process is necessary for the breadth of applications which we receive, we also endeavour to provide you with a constructive experience through our application process.

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