Our History


Discover the story of the King’s Business Club, and the stuff that makes us what we are.



  • Founded by Zain Jaffer, Michael Tyrimos, and Sarah Chen as the King’s College London Business Club (KCLBC). Within the first two days of our launch, we amassed over 470 members, before further increasing to over 700 within a few months.


  • Now under the presidency of Michael Tyrimos, KCLBC would accomodate its expansion through the rebranding of the Innovation Technology Group (ITG) into the Enterprise department, to support the growing interest in entrepreneurship among its members

Top 3 Enterprise Societies

  • Awarded by the National Council of Graduate Entrepreneurs, the society was recognised as a leading organisation. By the end of the year, the society had already grown to over 1800 members, now under the presidency of Sarah Chen.

No1 Enterprise Society

  • KCLBC was voted number one entrepreneurial society by the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) by the time Nicholas Bendt became President. By now, the society had over 3000 members

RBS ESSA Gold Award

  • Under the leadership of Tamen Jadad Garcia, the society won best series of events award, adding to our list of accolades. By now, the we had supported the successful startup of over 15 firms.
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