KBC Awards Ceremony

A celebration of achievements in 2020/21
Yuhuang Ou

On the 28th of April, 2020, the first ever KBC Awards Ceremony was held to celebrate and recognise the impressive achievements of our committee members.

In spite of the unforeseen challenges posed by the pandemic, our resilient and adaptable committee persisted in a situation where others would have relented.

To recognise the great strides in inspiring, educating and connecting our members to the world of business, we awarded the most outstanding individuals and projects for their exceptional performance and ingenuity.

Daniel Fang
Vice President 2020/21


Provided to give merit to individual or group achievements. Each is endorsed by an external partner.


Individual nominations towards the KBC awards are an achievement in themselves. 



Awards are given on the basis of qualitative and quantitative success of committee and project members.


The King’s Business Club Awards Ceremony seeks to highlight the achievements from the best talents that King’s College London has to offer.

Overall Awards
Natasha Retnasingam

Best Head of Department

Natasha Retnasingam, Head of Human Resources

  • Commitment and dedication in ensuring that all departmental goals and activities are achieved
  • Acted as a crucial link between departments to promote continued and productive collaboration
  • Successfully led the fledgling department into becoming one of KBC's most instrumental pillars for operations
  • Ensured that KBC's demand for human resources was fulfilled throughout the year, even under periods of intense recruitment and little time for preparation
Ioana Tulea

Overall Best Associate

Ioana Tulea, Consulting Strategy Associate

  • Outstanding detail and quality-oriented approach to work which set the bar for delivery of work across KBC
  • Displayed a strong sense of commitment through continued communication and dialogue with fellow committee members
  • Passion for consulting and work as expressed through her strategic vision for the department and continued feedback for areas of improvement

Official Endorsers

King's Business School Awards
Natasha Retnasingam

Social Impact Award

Publications Department

  • Developed a platform which stimulates intellectual discussion, like a modern lyceum, on topics including but not limited to finance, politics, technology, art and more
  • Their articles reach a diverse audience worldwide, spanning beyond the UK to countries such as India, the US and Romania
  • KBR has had over 7,000 readers since its founding
Ioana Tulea

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Human Resources Department

  • Promoted diversity and inclusion by enforcing a meritocratic recruitment process which naturally resulted in great diversity, in gender, year and course
  • 41 females and 40 males currently sit on the KBC Committee
  • Helped recruit a committee that has a mixture of undergraduate and postgraduate students

Official Endorsers

Enterprise Awards
Natasha Retnasingam

Best Associate Award

Aqib Hossain, Enterprise Research Associate

  • Aqib has shown extraordinary organisation skills in delivering 6 events
  • By securing high profile figures, such as Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, he has shown unequivocal commitment
  • In managing King’s Capital, Aqib has shown exceptional professionalism and directorial capabilities
Ioana Tulea

Most Innovative Associate Award

Mateusz Mizerski, Enterprise Public Relations Associate

  • Mateusz has shown great initiative in founding and launching the KBC Business Buzz Podcast
  • He has recorded and published podcasts on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, PocketCasts and RadioPublic

Official Endorsers

Finance Awards
Tom Williams

Best Associate Award

Thomas Williams, Senior Finance Associate - Public Relations

  • Tom has expressed a high level of professionalism through his co-ordination with key stakeholders
  • By hosting 8 events in the finance department, Tom has displayed an exceptional degree of interpersonal skills
Shan Shan Zhou Chen

Most Engaging Associate Award

Shan Shan Zhou Chen, Senior Finance Associate - Events

  • Shan Shan has shown exemplary commitment and organisational skills through her delivery of four events, the highest ratio for an associate in the Finance Department

  • Most productive associate, known for her passionate work ethic

Official Endorsers

Consulting Awards
Ariadna Nieto

Best Associate Award

Ariadna Nieto Juscafresa, Consulting Relations Associate

  • Ariadna has shown great initiative and innovative thinking in fostering department participation across 7 events
  • In helping to shape the vision for the department, Ariadna has displayed exceptional passion
  • She has shown herself to be an adept team player with strong interpersonal skills
Harley Kwan

Most Dedicated Associate Award

Harley Wing Sum Kwan, King's Consulting Associate

  • Harley has shown exemplary initiative in directing 6 King’s Consulting Analysts in delivering outstanding work to strategic partner, &SISTERS

  • Through her individual work, Harley has shown excellence in understanding new procedures and achieving results that are beyond expectations

  • Harley has shown a great and positive attitude throughout the whole project

Official Endorsers

Marketing Awards
Kieran Walsh

Best Associate Award

Laura Laczo, Branding and Design Associate

  • Laura has enabled the successful execution of 7 events
  • Through her activities, Laura has displayed a high degree of commitment to her role and the KBC community as a whole
  • She is a valuable team-player and a key member of our department
Chase Coughlan

Above and Beyond Award

Chase Hudson Coughlan, Co-Branding and Design Officer

  • Chase has shown excellence in their production of commercial marketing materials across 15 events

  • In working on the Conference for Student Entrepreneurs, he has shown exceptional creative capabilities by directing its brand and design

Official Endorsers

Publications Awards
Kieran Walsh

Best Category Editor Award

Hanyan Tsien, Deputy Head of Publications

  • Hanyan has been integral to the internal and external development of KBR through such activities as recruitment
  • Instrumental in developing production plan and securing partnerships
  • Consistent in writing new articles, pitching ideas and collaborating with external institutions
Miranda Yates

Above and Beyond Award

Miranda Yates, Illustrator

  • Miranda has shown exceptional creativity through her steady production of original high quality graphics for the website and social media platforms

  • In her activities, she has display extraordinary dedication and proactiveness towards KBR

  • She has shown herself to be extremely capable of meeting tight deadlines

Official Endorsers

Human Resources Awards
Kieran Walsh

Best Associate Award

Kieran Walsh, Performance Analyst

  • Kieran has shown exemplary organisational skills by directing a Dragon’s Den themed Team's Day, enabling 70 members to connect and innovate
  • Most notably, Kieran has been essential figure in organising KBC's first Awards ceremony, particularly in securing endorsements and speakers
Marcella Barata Reis

Best Communicator Award

Marcella Barata Reis, Head of Human Resources

  • Marcella has shown outstanding organisational skills in delivering 4 HR-oriented events

  • She has displayed exceptional reporting and recordkeeping abilities in creating plans to accomplish work

  • Marcella has shown excellent communication skills by co-ordinating between Heads of Departments, endorsers and sponsors

Official Endorsers

Event Highlights

11:00 - 11:10 GMT

Keynote Speech

Opening speech by Professor Sally Everett, Vice Dean of Education

11:10 - 11:40 GMT

Networking Session

Virtual networking session among invited guests and esteemed endorsers

11:40 - 11:45 GMT

Executive Speech

Speech by Daniel Fang, Vice President of King’s Business Club, 2020/21

11:40 - 12:45 GMT

Awards Presentation

Announcements made by representatives of endorsing organisations

12:35 - 12:40 GMT

Presidential Speech

Closing remarks and announcement of successors by Richard Ou, President of King’s Business Club 2020/21

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