KBC Awards Ceremony

A celebration of achievements in 2021/22
Yuhuang Ou

On the 8th of May, 2022, King’s Business Club once again held its Annual Awards Ceremony to recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements of our committee members.

A unique challenge faced the 2021/22 Committee. As we moved out of the pandemic back onto campus, there was a sense of urgency to capitalise on the opportunities this presented. Safe to say, our committee rose to the challenge and pushed the bounds of what was possible. We started the year with a bang, reintroducing our Annual Boat Gala and welcoming in new members during the Freshers Fair. We provided both online and in-person opportunities to maximise our reach. From masterclasses to workshops, networking events and insight days, we executed over 85 events this year. Thanks to these efforts, we’ve been recognised as a leading student society by both Bright Network and NUE. King’s Business School also acknowledged our contribution by awarding us Society of the Year.

We could not have achieved any of this without our Committee. Our dedicated and diverse team has been at the forefront of our success in bettering the student experience. To recognise the great strides they have taken in inspiring, educating, and connecting KBC members to the world of business, we awarded the most outstanding associates and departments for their excellent achievements and accomplishments.

Congratulations to all our winners, and we look forward to another exceptional year ahead!

Sho Kubota
Vice President 2020/21


Provided to give merit to individual or group achievements. Each is endorsed by an external partner.


Individual nominations towards the KBC awards are an achievement in themselves. 



Awards are given on the basis of qualitative and quantitative success of committee and project members.


The King’s Business Club Awards Ceremony seeks to highlight the achievements from the best talents that King’s College London has to offer.

Overall Awards
Natasha Retnasingam

Best Head of Department

Navya Sethi, Head of Finance

  • Navya has shown fantastic commitment and dedication to KBC with the quantity and quality of events organized by the Finance Department.
  • Her excellent leadership and team building skills have allowed the Finance Department and overall KBC to achieve a great cultural setting and inclusive atmosphere
Natasha Retnasingam

Best Deputy Head of Department

Sofie Axén, Deputy Head of Marketing

  • Sofie has demonstrated excellent analytical skills by expanding KBC’s reach on WeChat and TikTok, expanding our vision “to inspire, to educate and to connect” to more geographies and demographies
  • She has been very proactive in helping to turn around marketing activity for department events and contributed successfully to organizational events such as K+, Boat Party or the M&A Case Competition..
Ioana Tulea

Overall Best Associate

Ayaan Tigdikar, Consulting Strategy Associate

  • Ayaan has shown outstanding management skills by leading the University Expansion Project to Queen Mary and Brunel University.
  • His commitment to planning the Shell Society, the Awards Ceremony or additional funding projects has been exceptional.
King's Business School Awards
Natasha Retnasingam

Community Award

Nishorgo Mostofa

  • As an associate, Nishorgo immediately became a known figure within the KBC community through his personality and community driven spirit.
  • Additionally, he organised socials outside of the normal events using his own time and resources, such as the KBC FIFA tournament and Football at Hyde Park events.
Ioana Tulea

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Esha Senthil Kumar

  • Esha’s work is the heart of KBC, in the constant pursuit for equality and representation throughout all levels.
  • Diversity and inclusivity were a core part of her department's ethos.

Official Endorsers

Enterprise Awards
Natasha Retnasingam

Best Associate Award

Manish Sethi

  • Manish has demonstrated remarkable organisational skills in delivering and presenting Entrepreneurship events
  • From elevating the level of Enterprise events through the exercise of notable public speaking skills and high calibre work ethic, he has shown unequivocal commitment to the department
Ioana Tulea

Most Innovative Associate Award

Leonardo Sposito

  • Leonardo has displayed a notable positive attitude towards problem solving by prompting himself to be both reliable and driven in the face of new challenges and tasks concerning King's Entrepreneurship•
  • He has an effective approach to task management and has delivered tasks not only within short deadlines but likewise delivered more than what was requested from him, as seen during KEW.

Official Endorsers

Finance Awards
Tom Williams

Best Associate Award

Mark Naslund

  • Mark has shown an exceptional level of commitment, professionalism and
    productivity through his delivery of 7 key finance events.
  • Seeks to deliver excellence in his work, goes above and beyond his responsibilities
  • Effective team player who takes initiative and can be always relied upon
Shan Shan Zhou Chen

Most Engaging Associate Award

Nikita Khithani

  • Nikita has shown exemplary organisational skills and taken a prompt, proactive role to ensure tasks are seen through to the end.

  • Approaches every project with enthusiasm, a positive outlook and strong work ethic

  • Dedicated and driven to achieve department’s goals and execute events successfully

Official Endorsers

Consulting Awards
Ariadna Nieto

Best Associate Award

Octavia Skivington

  • Octavia has demonstrated remarkable people skills in organizing and improving
    consulting events during both terms such as the Big 4 Speaker Panel, McKinsey Speaker Panel etc.
  • From displaying outstanding work ethic and a detailed oriented attitude, Octavia brought about energy and quality of events to the department
Harley Kwan

Most Dedicated Associate Award

Juliette Mizon

  • Juliette has demonstrated an inspiringly dedicated attitude towards consulting by engaging herself with every learning opportunity. As an event attendee, she was always eager to interact with others. As an event organizer, she is very hands on in accomplishing the task and often praised by others

  • She is open minded, adaptable to challenges and she has achieved great outcomes despite tight deadlines. She is an over achiever but with quality guaranteed

Marketing Awards
Kieran Walsh

Best Associate Award

Ting (Sabrina) Mak

  • Sabrina has been a valuable member of the marketing department
  • Apart from organizing events, she has actively contributed on all fronts be it Public Relations or through content creation. She also introduced the "5 Questions with Committee Member Series", and is also a vital member of the marketing team for King's Consulting
  • Sabrina is a reliable team player who consistently performs to drive results
Chase Coughlan

Above and Beyond Award

Dan Valdaz

  • Dan has been instrumental in the growth of Pivot Talk courtesy his excellent post production work.

  • He has shown exemplary commitment to his role and the KBC community too reflected by his contributions in covering the Harvard Business School Event.

  • He is also a regular contributor for the KBC's TikTok account and was actively involved in making the most viral video that garnered 131k+ views

Publications Awards
Kieran Walsh

Best Category Editor Award

Suhana Dua

  • Suhana has shown her dedication to KBR through her active participation in all forms of media where KBR operates
  • Consistent in recruiting contributors and bringing fresh articles to the section
  • Her enthusiasm for KBR is admirable and has positively influenced the department's progress
Miranda Yates

Above and Beyond Award

Anika Sara

  • Anika had been exceptionally committed to all KBR projects by creating dynamic yet coherent designs for social media platforms and the print issue

  • In carrying out her duties, she demonstrated proactiveness and excellent teamwork skills

  • Instrumental in sustaining and developing the KBR brand

Official Endorsers

Human Resources Awards
Kieran Walsh

Best Associate Award

Selim Khattab

  • Selim has consistently maintained an approachable attitude and depicted excellent collaboration skills while working on the CV clinic alongside the Finance department.
  • Gained a thorough understanding of the 'KBC Fit' and tailored screenings according to the department assigned.
  • Adopted a proactive approach to ensure timely completion of screenings and took up additional responsibilities such as stepping in for interviews and other KBC events in the case of last minute emergencies.
Marcella Barata Reis

Above and Beyond Award

Shree Hari Suresh Kunniramath

  • Hari has depicted impressive attention to detail in the 65+ screenings conducted over the year, with an impeccable eye for talent.

  • Open to constructive criticism. Demonstrated this by adopting the conversation style to conducting interviews as per initial feedback in the interview workshop.

  • Exceptional growth by consistently improving and taking up responsibilities, i.e. logistics for Teams Day.

Official Endorsers

King's Capital Awards
Ariadna Nieto

Best Associate Award

Elliot Ostlin

  • Elliot has demonstrated remarkable networking and organisational skills, finding 4 advisors as External Relations Manager, and assisting in constructing King’s Capital’s training programme as Operations Manager
  • Elliot has also taken initiative in starting King’s Capital’s equity research report venture
  • Elliot has constantly demonstrated unparalleled dedication towards King’s Capital
Harley Kwan

Most Dedicated Associate Award

Shresth Goel

  • Consistently gone above and beyond in his stock pitches and analysis producing highly detailed work to assist the fund

  • Shresth has also assisted in kickstarting King’s Capital’s equity research reports to ensure of its success

Official Endorsers

King's Consulting Awards
Ariadna Nieto

Best Associate Award

Ava Hoffman

  • Displayed strong leadership skills during the Konkretly project all while providing a unique and valuable contribution to the project's deliverables and her team
  • Demonstrated exceptional organisational abilities and problem solving skills
  • Leveraged the wider KBC network to increase her knowledge and skills throughout the year
Harley Kwan

Most Dedicated Analyst Award

Anton Sirgue

  • Played integral role in the internal and external development of KCon by taking on new responsibilities

  • Displayed proactiveness in matters relating to KCon's organisation and external stakeholders

  • Demonstrated exceptional willingness to grow from feedback and apply new skills

Technology Awards
Natasha Retnasingam

Best Associate Award

Muhsin Mohamed, Website Associate

  • Muhsin has demonstrated remarkable web design skills as is evidenced by the website.
  • Additionally, he has shown remarkable initiative and creativity when working on the website.
Ioana Tulea

Most Innovative Associate Award

Rim El Hamidi, Networking Associate

  • Rim has demonstrated remarkable people skills in reaching out and organising events for the tech department.
  • Additionally, she demonstrated remarkable organisation skills and initiative when reaching out to

Official Endorsers

Event Highlights

11:00 - 11:10 GMT

Opening Speeches

Opening speech by Head of Human Resources: Esha Senthil Kumar, KBC co-founder Michael Tyrimos, and vice-president Sho Kubota

11:10 - 11:40 GMT

Awards Presentation

Awards presented to the departments of Finance, Entreprise, Consulting, King’s Consulting, and Human Resources

11:40 - 11:45 GMT

Alumni & Committee Speeches

Speech by Alumni Humza Samad, head of Finance Navya Sethi, and deputy head of Consulting, Nishorgo Mostofa

11:40 - 12:45 GMT

Awards Presentation

Awards presented to the departments of King’s Capital, Marketing, Publications, Technology, and the overall KBC awards

12:35 - 12:40 GMT

Presidential Speech

Closing remarks and announcement of successors by Aqib, President of King’s Business Club 2021/22

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