Through many years, King’s Business Club (KBC) has maintained its reputation as the premier student business and finance society both at King’s College London and throughout the United Kingdom. KBC has helped students from various backgrounds and faculties to come together and gain knowledge about the most recent developments in a variety of industries and businesses. We are, therefore, honoured to present a fresh new opportunity for you to create value for everyone at King’s!

KBC is looking for a Photographer.

As the KBC Photographer, you will have the opportunity to work as an integral part of the Marketing Department. 

What we can offer you  

  1. An opportunity for you to make a mark on the business and finance culture at King’s College London – especially as a committee member of one of the university’s oldest societies. 
  2. Tapping into our vast collaboration list with some of the largest firms in the world and exclusive committee member employment & training opportunities. 
  3. Access to our exclusive LinkedIn network which is comprised of 12 years of esteemed and diverse KBC alumni from all major sectors of the business and finance world. 
  4. Potential development pathway to high Executive Committee positions within KBC and the opportunity to build strong relationships with liked-minded committee members. 
  5. Personal growth and skills development through our mentorship and guidance. 

Your Responsibilities   

  • Capturing and conceptualizing brilliant still and video content for KBC
  • Supporting the Leadership with Society-wide initiatives
  • Upholding KBC’s brand Image and reputation.
  • Facilitating the society’s growth and evolution.
  • Assist and support the Marketing team wherever required

Essential Skills & Attributes   


  • Eye for design 
  • Appreciation for aesthetics
  • Passion for photography
  • Experienced in photography and/or videography
  • Flexible, able to work independently and in teams
  • Proficient in Adobe Suite, particularly Lightroom


  • Owns or has access to a DSLR/Mirrorless camera.

If you do not have access to the hardware listed under “Preferred” you may still apply. However, those who have access to these will be considered first.

Application Process   

The application process will be comprised of two distinct stages of progression  

Stage 1: Completing our application form which is accessible at the end of this post. 

Please read the form carefully, submit your curriculum vitae, and answer the questions in the application form. 

If your Stage 1 application is successful, we will send you a confirmation email. You should then prepare for Stage 2. 

Stage 2: An interview.   

The deadline for the application is 24th February 2022. 

You will be notified shortly after this date of the status of your application.   


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