I am proud to announce that we have secured key strategic partners to bring you real job opportunities for the first time ever. In the coming weeks we will be releasing two internship pathways: King’s Capital, and the King’s Enterprise Research Fellowship. Both of these projects have been organised by fellow student members who seek to deliver the best opportunities to all.

King’s Capital is a revival of King’s College London’s oldest student-led investment fund, providing members with practical opportunities to pitch stocks and make real investments; forging a career towards investment management.

King’s Enterprise Research Fellowship is an entirely new initiative that seeks to bring together the best minds at King’s College London to publish industry white papers, paving the path towards Industry Analyst positions.

Both of these unique opportunities are exclusive to King’s College London students, and seek to bring the best talents to our partner organisations through a truly meaningful recruitment process. Successful candidates to these programmes will be exercised through a multitude of industry tasks where their performance will count towards their prospective internship placement.

None of this would be possible without our current strategic partners: King’s Angels, Sunsino Ventures, Adtay Ventures, and Soho Ventures. I hope that these programmes will deliver great value to students, and will lay the foundations for greater achievements in the future.

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