King’s Consulting is a pro-bono Management Consulting start-up, launched as a new subdivision of the King’s Business Club’s Consulting department. KC’s aim will consist of providing students with necessary Consulting skills and tools which they can apply to real cases. With the help of mentors from top firms and the KBC Consulting department, selected students will join forces to come up with solutions for our client &Sisters. This project will last a semester, and Analysts are expected to dedicate between 3-5 hours per week on their project.

Reasons why you should apply to King’s Consulting:

  • Competence Building: Exclusive, hands-on Consulting experience which is crucial in developing problem-solving, interpersonal, critical thinking and other transferrable skills.
  • Mentorship: An opportunity to be mentored by Consultants from the Big 4, with direct conversations and Q&As pertaining to the case at hand and Consulting in general.
  • Networking: Enables students to connect with like-minded students and alumni, along with the chance to build relationships with up-and-coming start-ups.

Who are &SISTERS?

Started by daughter mother duo, Lucy and Claire, &SISTERS is developing the menstrual health ecosystem of the future, a powerful combination of smart technology and best in class products. Offering an easy way for users to monitor their cycle, understand and respond to how their body changes, as well as access to ethical, sustainable products, &SISTERS delivers the right self-care products at the right time.

Being involved as a Consultant with KC, you will work on the following project:

What features should be included in their tech application when they launch next year?

Since founded in 2016, the company have over 8000+ active and engaged followers on Instagram and a global presence in 26 countries. &SISTERS is an ethical and sustainable business that puts purpose alongside profit. Apply to join the team to create impactful change while gaining hands-on consultancy experience.

Essential Skills for this position:

  • Collaborative and receptive communication, particularly nearing deadlines.
  • A strong passion and comprehension for Consulting.
  • Innovative and fresh thinking.
  • Strong work ethic, sense of accountability, and quick turnover for tasks.
  • Basic knowledge of Consulting.
  • The ability to work well in a team and work in the best interest of the Project.

The application process will be comprised of two stages

Stage 1: Completing our application form which is accessible here:

Please read the form carefully, and submit your cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the task as outlined in the application form.

If your stage 1 application is successful, we will send you a confirmation email. You should then prepare for Stage2.

Stage 2: A case study which will be made available to you 24 hours prior to the interview.

The deadline for application is 29th January 2021. You will be notified shortly after one of the status of your application.

It is recommended that the form be viewed on the desktop to ensure optimal performance.

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