Are you interested in a summer internship or research and networking opportunities in venture capital, private equity and building a venture capital/entrepreneurial ecosystem? We are proud to announce our exclusive Research Fellowship and Internship Pathway programme, King’s Venture Capital Research Fellowship.

The strategic partnership of King’s Business Club with King’s Alumni Angel Network (King’s Angels) is aimed to facilitate the activity of alumni investors in the venture capital/private equity industry and the active involvement in the King’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

King’s Alumni Angel Network is a community interested in the intersection of angel/ventures investment, entrepreneurship and research. Current partners presence in London, Moscow, Taipei, Singapore, Zurich, Tel-Avi,  Milan, New York (Q1,2022), Silicon Valley (Q4,2021), with investment managers in Shanghai, Jakarta, and Berlin.

King’s Venture Capital Research Fellowship is an exclusive collaborative programme that helps transform your passion and interests into career development. Fellows will collectively work towards developing published white papers, authoritative reports giving information or proposals on an issue. In this case, it will involve in-depth research in one of the following themes: Aerospace, HealthTech, and Smart Cities & E-Mobility 

Some of the questioned you will need to cover in the White Paper: 

  • What are the business values of technologies in the application of electric vehicles, e-payments, precision healthcare and advanced materials for emerging hypersonic systems?
  • How has Covid-19 pandemic changed the market in terms of digitalisation, e-mobility and financial transactions?
  • What is the trends in venture capital investments in Europe, ASEAN, Asia, North America?

Your role in the White Paper project: in-depth research into the aforementioned fields, collaboration with a group of other researchers and producing a white paper. Currently, the available roles for the White Paper project:

  • Lead Researcher (your role will include in-depth study of the topics and managing and supporting the work of Research Fellows);
  • Research Fellows (your role will include in-depth study of the topics and producing the white paper).

Summer internship opportunities for you: according to the quality of the work produced, some Researchers involved in the White Paper project will be highlighted and offered a summer internship in Venture Capital or Private Equity firms, including with King’s Ventures (London), London Impact Ventures, Soho Ventures (London), Adtay Ventures (London, Tel-Avi) Earlybird Venture Capital (Berlin), AC Ventures (Jakarta), Teja Ventures (Singapore) and other cities, and work with King’s Angels’ Entrepreneurs’ Network.

Research and networking opportunities: as a part of the White Paper project, you will have an opportunity to conduct an in-depth research in such areas as Aerospace, HealthTech, and Smart Cities & E-Mobility and simultaneously, work with like-minded individuals, which could potentially lead to useful connections.

Previous whitepapers and research includes:

All applications for participation in the King’s Venture Capital Research Fellowship programme will require the submission of a quick application form. Good luck!

Application link:

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