Through many years, King’s Business Club (KBC) has maintained its reputation as the premier student business and finance society both at King’s College London and throughout the United Kingdom. KBC has helped students from various backgrounds and faculties to come together and gain knowledge about the most recent developments in a variety of industries and businesses. We are therefore honoured to present a fresh new opportunity for you to create value for everyone at King’s!

King’s Business Review (KBR) is the leading publication that connects people with business at King’s. Our news updates, articles and op-eds are intriguing in nature and stem discourse about problems in the world today. As such, we are currently looking for Marketing Officers to aid us in the expansion of our publication. Marketing is key to the success of KBR and will lead the research, analysis, and implementation of marketing projects for our publication.

We are currently looking to hire marketing officers for King’s Business Review, with the following key responsibilities: 

· Creating and distributing promotional content for KBR’s social media platform on a daily basis

· Operating social media platforms and recording engagement

· Understanding the visual aesthetic of the publication

· Devising and implementing content marketing strategies

· Collaborating with editors in promoting articles

· Create monthly reports to direct KBR’s social media strategy to success

Essential Skills & Attributes:  

· Prior experience in marketing is preferable but not a prerequisite

· Creative and good grasp of designing social media posts

· Excellent interpersonal, communicating and influencing skills

· Independent, analytical, and fresh thinking

· Strong work ethic, diligent, sense of accountability and quick turnover for tasks

· Expected to engage proactively in the club

Reasons why you should apply: 

· KBR provides its members with relevant industry skills and key connections for anybody seeking a career in the realms of business or journalism.

· Opportunity to meet and interview esteemed leaders. Grow your network!

· Create a positive digital footprint by publishing on the prestigious KBR website

· Opportunity to add to your CV and to hone your marketing and designing skills

· Opportunity for students to delve into other fields apart from their degree with our diverse set of categories!

Application Process

The application process will be comprised of two distinct stages of progression 

Stage 1: Completing our application from which is accessible at the end of this post.

Please read the form carefully, and submit your curriculum vitae, and the task as outlined in the application form.

If your stage 1 application is successful, we will send you a confirmation email. You should then prepare for Stage2.

Stage 2: An interview.  

The deadline for the application is Monday, 22nd of August 2022. 

You will be notified shortly after this date on the status of your application.

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