A decade of leadership.


Zain Jaffer

Founder – 2008/09

During their tenure:

  • Amassed over 700 members under their leadership.
  • Named Enactus “National Champion in 2009.
  • Awarded Top 3 Enterprising Societies by the National Council of Graduate Entrepreneurs.

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Founded Vungle, one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world, sold for over $750 million.
  • Selected as one of the Top 80 Leaders by Google and NASA.
  • Listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 for App in 2012.

Michael Tyrimos

President – 2009/10

During their tenure:

  • Awarded “President of the Year of 2010” by NACUE and “Leader of Tomorrow” at the 41st St Gallen Symposium.
  • Served on the Student Advisory Board of NACUE.

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Further studies in both Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Managing Director of Capacitor Partners.

Sarah Chen

President – 2010/11

During their tenure:

  • Voted Number 1 Enterprising Society by NACUE.
  • Amassed over 1800 members under her leadership.

Post-Presidential Achievements:

  • Founded the Billion Dollar Fund for Women.
  • Listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 (Asia) for Finance and VC in 2019.

Nicholas Bendt

President – 2011/12

During their tenure:

  •  Amassed a cumulative total of over 3000 under his leadership.

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Former Associate at McKinsey & Co.
  • Vice-President at the Industrial & Energy Vertical at Bain Capital.

Ella Jade

President  – 2012/13

During their tenure:

  • Organised the 2011 Profession Podium.
  • Organised the KCLBC and London Apprentice Challenges.
  • Founded the LCCI Student Link division within the London Chamber of Commerce.

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Appeared on the Apprentice, Series 10 (2014).
  • Co-Founder of ROOBBA.

Tamen Jadad Garcia

President – 2013/14

During their tenure:

  •  Achieved the RBS ESSA Gold Award for Best Event Series

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Founding Member of the Vivenxia Group.
  • COO of Beati Inc.

Sebastian Greve Sunde

President  – 2014/15

During their tenure:

  •  Secured the most significant number of sponsorships and partnerships to date.

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Graduated top of their class of 250 in Business Management, recipient of the “Most Meritorious Performance”.
  • Formerly a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
  • Investment Manager at Summa Equity.

Sam Werner

President – 2015/16

During their tenure:

  • Interviewed Sir Richard Branson

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • In pursuit of a PhD in Computer Science at Imperial College in cryptocurrency research and engineering.

Andrea Mazzoleni

President  – 2016/17

During their tenure:

  • Co-Founded the London Fintech Conference, Somerset Consulting, London Case Competition, and King’s Capital.
  • Restructured the organisational structure of the society.

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Investment Banking Analyst at UBS.

Toby Bottomley

President – 2017/18

During their tenure:


Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Investment Banking Analyst at Jefferies.

Alois Savanne

President  – 2018/19

During their tenure:

  • Continued the growth of the society and its offering of events.

Post-Presidential Achievement:

  • Graduated top of their class in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE).
  • Recipient of the Schwarzman Scholarship, further studies at Tsinghua.

Paul Benter

President – 2019/20

During their tenure:

  • Initiated the Rebranding Initiative.
  • Oversaw the re-establishment of the Marketing department.
  • Authored the Third Edition of the Constitution.
Yuhuang Ou

Richard Ou

President  – 2020/21

During their tenure:

  • Co-founded the King’s Business Review, the King’s Business Network, and King’s Consulting.
  • Enacted major organisational reform, co-authoring the Fourth Edition of the Constitution, and co-founded the publications and human resources departments.
  • Appointed as advisor to the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs.

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