Applications Workshop 2019





We hosted our annual professional applications workshop with Gwyn Day on the 17th of October. Through the work of the Marketing team and the committee present to manage the event, the workshop was a resounding success. The event reached and surpassed the venue’s capacity of 50, with some having to be turned away.


  • Female to Male 58% 58%

As part of this year’s initiatives to improve gender parity and provide equal opportunities, our workshop has helped attendees to develop their applications and prepare themselves for the finance industry.

Survey Responses

  • Average Satisfaction 91% 91%

Attendees who were asked had expressed that they had learnt a great deal from the workshop, and that the information they learnt about application processes would be very useful later on.

Instagram Interactions

  • Increase 26% 26%

A revision to our marketing strategy saw a 26% increase in interactions from the previous event post. Similar increases were seen across other social media platforms.

Event Post


Author: Richard Ou
Event Committee: Selen Ersoy (Consulting), Richard Ou (Marketing)