BCG Mentorship Scheme 2020





By launching its 2020 Mentorship Scheme this year in June, Boston Consulting Group reached out to collaborate with the King’s Business Club for its quality network of students at King’s.

Willing to offer a tailored guidance to each selected applicant, who would be accompanied by a personal mentor in the whole application process for graduate positions, the HR department looked for high potential final year students who would be keen on starting their career in Consulting.

Facing this challenge, our strategy consisted of filtering out the best students by targeting a specific audience on our media platforms. We reached a targeted reach of just over 2,500 on all our media platforms combined, we succeeded in increasing the visibility of the Mentorship Scheme among our fellow student community.

As a result, BCG has announced that King’s College London was ranked 2nd out of all the partaking UK universities in terms of application submissions, with a 7% share. Most notably, we outranked the total number of submissions of UCL, Imperial, and LSE combined by several multitudes. Out of all the applications 12% of them being from King’s College London. This was a testament to the King’s Business Club strategy, the engagement and professional involvement of our community, and the number of high quality candidates from King’s College London.


Of course, this opportunity would not have been available without BCG. 

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Project Team: Juliette Faivre (Head of Consulting), Richard Ou (President)