Finance 101 2019





Our annual Investment 101 event seeks to introduce our fresh yearly intakes to the world of investment banking. This year, we co-organised our event with the popular Instagram page, IBD-Events, who helped provide some of our speakers.

The event was divided into three sections: two panels, and a casual question and answer session. 

The first panel discussion featured career-focused students that had managed to make a way into the industry by securing graduate schemes while meticulously managing their academics, society engagements and internships simultaneously. Our studen panel was composed over individuals from a variety of universities, including: Cambridge, the London School of Economics and King’s College London. These students discussed about their prior experiences and their experience with converting their summer internships into full-time graduate roles at places that included: Rothschild, Evercore, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan.

The second panel featured finance professionals across different institutions relating to jobs in investment banking, private equity, research, wealth management, hedge funds, etc. For this panel, we had professionals across Tyndaris, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, HSBC and Barclays. The panelists were frank with sharing their career and recruitment experiences, enabling students to develop a real understanding of the finance industry.

The casual question and answer session enabled attendees to interact one-to-one with the panelists on stage, enabling them to develop an even deeper understanding of their industry. Despite the closing off of the event, students continued to network on stage several hours after.


  • Non-Business 67% 67%

Of the 202 attendees, 67% of the university’s attendees were from non-traditional academic backgrounds, which included: Physics, Maths, English, and History.


  • Profile Visits 92% 92%

Our main platform for marketing the event was on Instagram. In a 6 day period, we received 678 interactions with 626 profile visits,and 1275 accounts reached.


  • BAME 64% 64%

As our first event for 2019, the figures that we achieved were indicative of our aims: to expand our growth beyond our university and our inclusivity.


Our inaugural event this year was a collaboration with IBD-Events, a popular Instagram page.

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Author: Paul Benter
KBC Event Committee: Jaime Dede Lopez (Finance), Federico Raffaele (Finance), Shivani Bhargava (Finance), Arthur Thery (Finance), Charles Heighton (Finance), Daniel Fang (Marketing), Richard Ou (Marketing)