Google Visit 2019





As part of our annual company visits, this year the Startups & Business department presented the opportunity to visit the Google HQ to its members. There was a tremendous amount of interest from membership across all faculties in the university. 

Attendees were offered an office tour of their facilities, lunch, and session with current Google employees.


  • Female to Male 60% 60%

We had a tremendous number of applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds. We continued to uphold this diversity in our selection process.


  • Chance 12% 12%

The application process for the company visit was highly competitive, enabling us to offer Google the best and the brightest that we had to offer.


The company visit would not have been possible without the continued collaboration and support of Google.

Event Post


Author: Richard Ou
KBC Event Committee: Kevin Reisenbuk (S&B)