King’s Case Championship 2020





Our annual King’s Case Championship this year was in collaboration with GEP, who provided the venue and a unique recruitment opportunity. 

Attendees were given a tour of GEP’s London headquarters and a case studying workshop before battling it out in our case competition. The winners of the competition were given an interview opportunity with GEP. 


  • Female to Male 39% 39%

We continue to strive for greater gender parity. This figure provides us with a baseline to build upon for future King’s Consulting Championships. 


  • Non-Business 39% 39%

The event saw 13% of the attendees from the faculty of Social Science & Public Policy, and 18% between the Faculty of Arts & Humanities and the Dickson Poon Law School.


The King’s Consulting Championship and workshops would not have been possible without our partners: GEP.

Event Post


KBC Event Committee: Matthias Reindl (Executive), Kartika Ahuja (Consulting), Gokce Selen Ersoy (Consulting), Daniel Fang (Marketing)