UKCC 2020





Our annual London Case Competition (LCC) returned as the UK Case Competition (UKCC) in 2020. In this inaugural event co-organised with the LSESU Consultancy Society, UCL Business Society, Imperial College Consultancy Society, and the Irish Student Consultancy Group. Students from across the United Kingdom and Ireland traveled to the heart of London, to King’s College London, to participate in this nation-wide competition that determined the first title holder of the UK Case Champion.

The event consisted of two rounds, with the first round consisting of 23 teams, and the final round consisting of 5 teams. After a fierce battle between the best case crackers of the British Isles, and of all the participating universities, the University of Aberdeen were the victors, claiming their victory as the first holders of the title of the UK Case Champion. This was a stellar victory that saw Aberdeen toppling Imperial after their two year streak as the London Case Champions.


  • Female to Male 34% 34%

There were 105 participants from 10 universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. A third of all participants were females, with varying proportions from different teams and universities.


  • Non-Russell Group 30% 30%

We strive to provide equal opportunities to participate for all students across the country. Multiple teams travelled from across the United Kingdom and Ireland to London in order to participate in the competition, despite the panics of Covid-19.


  • Chance 4% 4%

A team from the University of Aberdeen, consisting of Edward Bermido, Giordano Ristagni, Maria Blaha, and Wanda Novakova, rose to first place. In doing so they defeated two teams from the LSE, and one team from KCL during the finals. 


The inaugural UK Case Competition would not have been possible without our sponsors for this inter-university society collaboration: My Consulting Coach, and British American Tobacco.

Event Post


KBC Event Committee: Kartika Ahuja (Consulting), Henrik Rumpf (Consulting), Gokce Selen Ersoy (Consulting), Juliette Faivre (Consulting), Richard Ou (Marketing)