Through many years, King’s Business Club (KBC) has maintained its reputation as the premier student business and finance society both at King’s College London and throughout the United Kingdom. KBC has helped students from various backgrounds and faculties to come together and gain knowledge about the most recent developments in a variety of industries and businesses. We are therefore honoured to present a fresh new opportunity for you to create value for everyone at King’s!

KBC is looking for Recruitment Associates. As a Recruitment Associate, you will have the opportunity to work as an integral part of our newly rebranded Talent department. 

What we can offer you 

  1. An opportunity for you to make a mark on the business culture at King’s College London – especially as a committee member of one of the university’s oldest societies.
  2. Hands-on opportunity to understand the interview process from a dual perspective (interviewer & interviewee). This can help you improve your future job applications.
  3. Access to our exclusive LinkedIn network which is comprised of 12 years of esteemed and diverse KBC alumni
  4. Potential development pathway to Executive Committee positions within KBC and the opportunity to build strong relationships with like-minded committee members.
  5. Personal growth and skills development through our mentorship and guidance.

Your Responsibilities  

  1. Liaising with the Head of Talent.
  2. Assisting in the recruitment of an efficient pool of candidates.
  3. Screening applications and assisting with interviews in the form of taking notes during interviews for debrief sessions and feedback emails.
  4. Have the ability to pitch a passion project to the Head of Department in regards to building motivation and/or providing recognition to committee members. 
  5. Developing and presenting the end-of-term recruitment report.
  6. Working with the rest of the Talent Department to fulfil ancillary and additional responsibilities as required by the position.

Essential Skills & Attributes  

  1. Strong organisational skills with a collaborative work style. 
  2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  3. Independent, innovative and fresh thinker. 
  4. Strong motivation for the Society. 
  5. Strong work ethic, sense of accountability and quick turnover for tasks.

 Application Process  

The application process will be comprised of two distinct stages of progression 

Stage 1: Completing our application form which is accessible at the end of this post.

Please read the form carefully, and submit your curriculum vitae, cover letter and fill in the answers to the questions outlined in the application form.

If your stage 1 application is successful, we will send you a confirmation email. You should then prepare for Stage 2.

Stage 2: An interview.  

The deadline for the application is Tuesday the 9th of August

You will be notified shortly after this date on the status of your application.  

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