We aim to support a great diversity of sponsors to add value to both the experience of our members and the positions of our sponsors.

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We believe in offering the best to our members and delivering on our promises to our sponsors. Enabled by our four specialised departments that cater to the interests of our members. Fuelled by passionate and motivated committee members, there is no other student-led organisation that has experienced the same level of continuous and stable growth. On top of our accolades as three time winners of UK’s most enterprising society, we have a proven track record of hosting and organising phenomenol events that have reached across our university and the nation. Here’s the evidence.

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No other student-led business and finance society has the same reach that we do. With over a decade of continuous history, we have accumulated a substantial audience and honed our ability to connect with our members within the university and beyond. Now supported by a refined King’s Business Club Marketing department, we can deliver the impact that our sponsors are looking for.

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We have developed a large subscription-base since our foundation.

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Supported by over 5500 likes, and over 1400 Instagram followers.


Of these over 1400 were committed members who attended multiple events.


Female Members

We continue to strive for greater gender parity across all our departments.

Contact us to find out more about KBC’s vision and event plans for the coming academic year, and to see how we could support you in your endeavour. Please reach out to us before the 31st of August to ensure that we can accommodate you in our Autumn plans.

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