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We are a strategic team that is key to enabling the delivery of all events and activities, and are responsible for the promotion and reinforcement of the society. The Marketing Team aims to gain the attention of key potential audiences and partners, and strives to maintain relationships with them, while being committed to delivering the best possible experience for our members and our committee.

For the 2019 academic year, we have been instrumental in executing the rebranding initiative, and the continued growth of all our social media platforms. Furthermore, in line with this year’s committee objectives, we strive to open up opportunities to faculties beyond the Business School as well as reinforcing equality goals among our members.

Our aims and objectives for the 2019 academic year also includes: the development of a long-term web solution that adequately provides a platform to showcase our society; an alumni base that will tie together our decade long history and our future legacy; redefining our governance structure to ensure a productive and fulfilling committee experience; and the creation of a long-term faculty outreach system that will engage directly with all faculties and department.

Committed Members


Female Attendees


Non-Finance Background

Available Positions

All applicants are expected to have a general understanding of the society, its purpose and its work. There are ample resources available on the website and on relevant social media platforms.

Web Officer

The holder of this role is an integral part of the Executive Committee, being responsible for enabling the continuation of our website. Tasked with the management and administration of the King’s Business Club and King’s Business Review websites, they will have creative opportunities to develop websites for our other projects.

Furthermore, the Web Officer has the opportunity to interact with every department and lead their own team of associates to manage the websites.  This role was formerly held by the current President.



Documents for prospective applicants to our department, and anyone interested in the structure and organisation of the society, our policies, guidelines and strategies.



Our constitution establishes the fundamental principles and precedents by which our society adheres to. It governs the function and structure of the King’s Business Club committee in order to ensure the continued delivery of our core values.

The KBC constitution as of 02/07/2019

Aims & Strategies

A written document that outlines the strategies and their respective aims and objectives for the academic year. This formally establishes the direction of motion for the department and enables for a measure of growth and development. Due to the sensititve nature of the document, it is only partially available publically, but may prove to be useful for prospective applicants.

The KBC Marketing Strategy as of 23/12/2019

Branding & Style Guidelines

These guidelines aim to ensure the integrity of the KBC brand and its presentation on all forms of visual media. The guidelines will be continually updated to reflect the needs of the society and remove any inconsistencies and deficiencies within the content itself. Further branding and visual resources are available on request.

The KBC Branding & Style Guideline as of 14/07/2019



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