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Paul Benter

An English law & German law student with further studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin from Fall 2020. Formerly an Associate of the Finance department, and President of the Society in 2019/20, he currently serves as Chair of the King's Business Club.
The 13th President of King’s Business Club
Published: 28 March, 2020

After a thorough selection process within our committee, we are delighted to announce that Yuhuang Ou will be the 13th President of the King’s Business Club.

Dear all,

It is a great honour to be presented with this opportunity and to have been accepted for the role of President of this society. I am humbled to be walking in the footsteps of a great many predecessors that have helped lay the foundations of a great student-led organisation, one that is of both its work and its people.

However, with the dawn of this decade, and particularly during these troubling times, we must remember our core values and work in solidarity: to inform, to educate, and to connect. In this spirit, I have developed three cornerstone objectives for the coming year.

  1. I promise to continue the delivery of keynote speeches across our departments. Through the efforts of our rebranding campaign, we will seek to attract even more impressive speakers and build upon our former successes in informing you of the opportunities available.
  2. I promise to expand our delivery of workshops to provide interactive opportunities to educate our members on the industries available and help them develop the core skills necessary to be competitive in the coming labour market.
  3. Finally, I promise that my committee will deliver more social events by collaborating with other student-led organisations and by tapping into our wide alumni network, to truly connect you to not just industry professionals but other like-minded individuals.

I accept, with a deep sense of duty and high resolve, that there will be much work for us to make these promises realities. As such, I am particularly thankful to have the support of Paul, Matthias, Daniel and the rest of the executive board in the coming months ahead, as we lay the groundworks for our next committee.

Thank you,

Richard Y. Ou

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