November 18


06:30 pm

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Feeling confused about further career options after graduation? Are you interested in knowing more about the rate of employment in your dream work sector?

Given the complexity of this matter, we would like to invite you to our new online event: Building and Sustaining Graduate Employability – Challenges for recent graduates and organisations.

We are delighted to present our speaker, Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at King’s College London. His core research interests centre on career orientations and career boundaries as a basis for understanding contemporary career dynamics. His thoughts are that ’’the number of university graduates has increased rapidly in recent years in most western countries, reflecting a generalised shift to mass higher education systems. Once viewed as an elite preparing to occupy key professional and managerial roles, the position of graduates in the labour market is now more uncertain.’’

If you want to find out more about what Dr. Rodrigues has to say about this, gather all of your questions and join us on November 18th at 18:30 GMT!
The goal of the event is to discuss and analyse the challenges recent graduates and organisations face, in order to inform students about how they can build and ensure graduate employability.

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18 November, 2020




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