June 11


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We are excited to be hosting invaluable fortnightly commercial awareness masterclasses with the famous industry leading careers coach and ex-city Head Trader, Gwyn Day. Brought to you by The Oxford Guild, its Collegium Global Network of top universities, Cambridge Guild, Imperial Finance Society, King’s Business Club, Warwick Finance Societies and other leading university societies, the event is 100% free and open to all. Strong commercial awareness is critical in the application and interview/assessment process for any job, internship or spring week/insight programme and it can make the difference between receiving and offer and not. A recent survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters found leading firms believe Commercial Awareness was the number one skill graduates lacked the most but these sessions are here to help you get ahead over the Summer months.They’ll be sure to both broaden your understanding, and help you to develop an interest in your chosen field. Feeling overwhelmed by the news overload during the pandemic? Tired of all the noise and doom and gloom content? Gwyn Day is on hand to help break it all down for you in a short space of time during his fortnightly easy to digest sessions. He has over 20 years of experience getting graduates into top banks, consultancies, tech giants, law firms and more. Every year, his clients receive offers from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Linklaters, McKinsey, Jones Day, Google and many others. His sessions typically command high 4-5 figure fees but he is giving his advice to you exclusively for free. Each time we organise events with him we receive a massive response as they are very popular and he has helped countless students over the years with invaluable tips/advice/secrets.

We cannot stress how useful this is – Strong commercial awareness is considered to be one of the most vital skills and is prized by recruiters across all industries and in the private and public sectors alike. With the applications, interviews and assessment centres getting more and more competitive these days, Commercial awareness is even more important in light of Covid-19. The pandemic has impacted every employer in one way or another so showing them you understand how it affects their company will demonstrate your capabilities and enthusiasm. Major shifts have taken place across industries and the labour market and being aware of these changes can help inform your career plans, next step decisions and help your applications/interviews. Those with good commercial awareness are conscious of how economic and political trends can impact on their chosen industry and the employers they have applied to. Plus, fully understanding their challenges and the marketplace they operate in isn’t just useful during the application – it will give you the upper hand when starting at the firm.

Commercial awareness is about understanding of how industries and businesses work and involves knowing what’s going on in the world, following the latest developments and analysing the way it might impact on your chosen sector and company. Unfortunately, becoming commercially aware does not happen overnight. It must be developed over a period of time and is not a static concept; it is dynamic and constantly changing so be sure to join Gwyn for these invaluable sessions and make the most of them! Gwyn has an excellent success rate and brand presence when it comes to careers coaching and getting students job and internship offers. He has spoken every year at the Bright Festival to hundreds of undergraduates and now is your turn to get the inside scoop and benefit from his extensive knowledge and skills, all for free. We highly recommend you do not miss out so join us by registering below – we will send those who register the link for the online event.

WHEN: 6pm BST, Thursday 11th June 2020
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11 June, 2020




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