June 12


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London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

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We are delighted to be hosting a special online event with Gina Miller, high profile Guyanese-British legal activist, campaigner and businesswoman who was named as the UK’s Most Influential Black Person for 2018 by Powerlist. She is best known for leading polarising Brexit related legal challenges and winning twice against the British government.

Her landmark case against the government in 2016 allowed Parliament to vote on the legislation leading to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, and she successfully overturned the government’s unlawful prorogation of Parliament in 2019. She has a strong track record of campaigning for greater diversity and integrity in the workplace, leading to her establishing the True and Fair Foundation and True and Fair Campaign, calling for improvements to consumer protection, fairness and good practices within The City and an end to financial misconduct in the investment and pension industries.

Co-founder of investment management firm SCM Direct, she is also the author of the best-selling book ‘Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall, & Leading the Way’ which unapologetically charts an extraordinary life of challenges faced and traumas overcome, including remarkable levels of harassment and violence. She will be discussing some very fascinating, topical issues including tolerance, recent movements for social justice, the social and political divisions that plague the UK and countries across the world, as well as sharing personal insights and stories from her career and extensive range of experiences.

Brought to you by The Oxford Guild, its Collegium Global Network of top universities, Cambridge Guild, Imperial College Finance Society, King’s Business Club, Warwick Finance Societies and other leading university societies, the event is 100% FREE and open to all and supported by The Oxford Foundry. PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE:

Several of Gina’s previous campaigns courted controversy and made her unpopular in certain circles, earning her the title the “black widow spider” for her tenacious efforts to reform the City. However, since emerging as the figurehead for legal challenges to the British government’s Brexit plans, she has been targeted and vilified by opponents and had to seek protection through private security, the police and legal system. Gina’s tireless efforts have inspired many whilst making her a lightening rod for vitriol online, in the press and on the street from opponents.

Despite this adversity, she continues to channel her experiences and successes to great effect, refusing to give up and be silenced. We hope that you will join us to hear her fascinating insights and to discuss what steps are being and need to be taken, to ensure positive progress in these challenging times.

The talk will also serve as special keynote event for The Oxford Guild’s Infinity Diversity Speakers Series, supported by the Oxford Foundry. Since launching in 2017, this speaker series has welcomed some of the most inspiring people in the world across almost every field and has included high profile events such as our Global Female Leadership Conference and talks with renowned Nobel Prize winners. The series has always been about embracing diversity and targeted at encouraging women, LGBTIQA+ people and ethnic minorities to believe that they can succeed in any occupation they choose, and making sure that they have positive role models to which they can aspire.

In the wake of a recent surge in racial tensions and divisive policies, we are fighting back against discrimination and striving to create a positive culture of belief that students can do anything they want to, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, orientation or background. This is something that we really want to bring into focus, at Oxford and universities across the country and world, to ensure that everybody feels able to pursue their dreams and it is part of our wider drive to promote diversity and inclusion amongst students and society in general.

The core current focus is on systemic injustices, in light of the recent death of George Floyd under police custody and the subsequent anti-racism focussed global protests, outrage and growth in support for social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter. We seek to educate students, promote understanding, stimulate discussion and inspire them to play a role in combating injustice and prejudice and helping to build a fairer, better world for everyone.

This will undoubtedly be one of the most fascinating and topical events of the year giving you the chance to hear from and ask questions of such an interesting and high profile guest. We highly recommend you do not miss out so please join us by registering here – we will send those who register the link for the online event.

WHEN: 6pm BST, Friday 12th June
WHERE: Online Event – we will send those who register the link



12 June, 2020


London, United Kingdom


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