KCLBC Case Clubs help you prepare for case interviews in Strategy Consulting and give you practical insights into team-based problem solving.

After an excellent introduction to case interviews by Management Consulted on Wednesday, we are moving to practicing solving business problems together. In our case clubs, we will start by attempting business cases in teams of around 4 people, of which one person assumes the role of the interviewer. In the subsequent sessions, we will explore certain formats (e.g. Market Entry) in specific and also work on a 1-on-1 basis to mimic the interview experience as closely as possible. In some sessions, we will also incorporate preparation for fit and commercial knowledge questions, giving attendees a great platform to prepare for case interviews. To ensure a great learning environment, the places on these sessions are quite limited.

Please submit your data on this form http://bit.ly/2ffEAz1 and we will get back to you on Friday morning regarding the first Case Club on Saturday, 29 October. If you can’t make it this Saturday, please fill out the form anyway and indicate this on the form – we will then have your info on file for the subsequent sessions.

If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch at david@kclbc.com – we look forward seeing you at one of the sessions.





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