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Hi everyone,

PathMotion is a new and innovative careers website that allows you to discover a range of career options, including those you might not have considered before, by showing you what professionals who have things in common with you have done.

You can complete an advanced career self assessment test ( which shows you where your core skills lie and where you can leverage them. You can also visualise the career paths of like-minded people to get some inspiration! Based on these factors and any preferences you choose, you’ll get targeted vacancies sent to your inbox every 2 weeks just for jobs that are suited to your profile.

One of the many inspiring people on the site is Carl Pihl. He was also at KCL, where he set up the Entrepreneurs society and has gone on to become the CEO of his own business. You can see his career path:

Finally, to ensure that you don’t fall at the first hurdle in your applications, PathMotion also have verbal and numerical tests ( typical of those used by top employers which you can take free of charge for a limited time only!

*Try these tests and share your results by posting on this event page*

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