November 28


06:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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Interested in the future of the world? Fascinated by the future business panorama? Want to know what Russia has in store?
Don’t miss the rare opportunity to hear a unique insight into the future for Russia from a leader at the forefront of development in this fascinating emerging market.

Roger Munnings CBE is the former CEO of KPMG Russia and the current UK Government Special Representative for Trade and Investment between Russia and the UK and is the Chairman of the Audit Committee Institute in Russia, as well as being a member of the Executive board of the Association of European Business. He was appointed CBE in the UK in H.M. the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List 2007.

The KCLBC BRIC series connects you with industry experts from the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs), important to any business enthusiast and central to every global firm’s strategy.

Why are the BRICs important?

The economies of the BRIC countries are developing so rapidly that it is estimated by Goldman Sachs that by 2050 they will overtake eclipse the economies of the G7 current richest countries… something that any business connoisseur needs to be aware of!
Put another way, by 2030 China might surpass the US in terms of equity market capitalisation.. and in terms of GDP by 2020 Goldman Sachs estimates the US GDP will only be slightly larger than that of China.

*This unmissable opportunity to hear Roger Munnings CBE speak on the topic of Russia will be held on Monday, 28.11.2011, 6.30 pm, at B.5 FWB Waterloo!*

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