This year KCLBC takes a group of carefully selected 20 international KCL students to the New York City. The event is a part of KCLBC Insight Trips Series organised by KCLBC International Relations Team during which students take part in company visits with high profile firms.

New York as it is a financial hub and with a variety of businesses which we would like to explore. The recent years have been a time of major technological disruptions leading to dynamic changes in the financial sector and rapid development and growth of the fin-tech industry. We are genuinely interested to discover the real implications of those changes for the businesses operating in the world’s financial centre and also what impact those shifts have had on other business sectors. We would like to learn what outlook the small and large businesses have for the future and what are the challenges and opportunities that we can expect when entering the business world.

The trip is taking place between the 6th and 13th of April 2018. The cost of the trip is £450.






New York City - Manhattan - Nyc


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