September 25


05:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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We are excited to announce the beginning of our inaugural Keynote Speaker series. For our first special online event, we are honoured to be hosting Sophia Petrides, an International Life Coach with a specialism in Career Development and Executive Leadership Coaching. At the same time, Sophia is an acclaimed author who recently published her workbook: ‘Bedside Coaching™ 7 Lessons of Empowerment’ which promotes self-efficacy.

Our second guest speaker, Ronel Lehmann, is the Founder and CEO of Finito Education – The Employability Experts. He was widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading communications experts, in particular for organisations in the corporate, financial, professional services and luxury brand sectors. He became well known for his crisis communication work for clients, has an extensive network, and frequently comments about items of interest in newspapers, television, and radio.

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On Friday, 25th September at 17:00 BST, Sophia and Ronel will be giving a talk on how to become employable and they will be covering topics:


  • What should students prioritise as part of their preparation prior to starting their academic year and how is this going to impact them?
  • What is the definition of resilience and how can you build and maintain this?
  • The importance of setting goals


  • What is required, the challenges facing students during a pandemic, the status of graduate schemes and work experience placements, the importance employers are placing on diversity and have you ever considered starting your own business?



25 September, 2020




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