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March 25 - 01:00 am

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Do you want to learn how to be a better leader?

We are excited to announce our new event “The Power of Performance Feedback”.

Understanding how to give feedback that is timely, specific and effective is crucial to be a good leader. This session will teach you the frameworks you can use to coach your team, develop strategic feedback initiatives and ultimately improve your team’s performance.

Our guest, Amber Vanderburg, is the founder of The Pathwayz Group and a multi award winning international businessperson. The Pathwayz Group conducts workshops, training and seminars to equip leaders with the skills to create efficient, effective and enjoyable workplaces. Plus, Amber has extensive human resources experience focusing on creating high performing teams, transforming organisation’s designs and cultivating corporate cultures.

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Join us on Thursday, 1st April at 5pm via Zoom!



1 April, 2021



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